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Another Update

Zooey Ball made some small changes to my site template - but these small changes make a big difference. Not even does the site now look neater, he also transformed the table layout from an ugly mess into something one can actually maintain. Thanks a lot!

Browser Woes...

Almost directly after uploading all files I realized that the layout tables had some serious bugs in IE. Took me around 3h to find and correct the problem. Isn't it great if 3 browsers all have different ideas about how a table should be layouted?


I managed to put the new layout online. As you can see, it's kinda superhero / comic themed.

Main reason for this is that I'm currently working on a super hero style game. There's not much to show yet, but as soon as I have some info, I'll put it on the Projects page.

Most pages are pretty basic right now. Because I didn't update the site for quite some time, there is quite some content I need to add. My plan is to add the content first and then add some optical gimmicks.

Mermaid Panic Update

I changed some parts of my old "Mermaid Panic" game. It's shocking how my coding style has changed over the years...
anyway, this release gives you more bullets, should run slightly faster and comes with full source.

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